Character of Our Products
The main products of company now are high pure arsenic with 99.9999% and 99.99999% of purity. Comparing with other fellow traders and overseas enterprises, we more strictly control the quality grade of products on the impurity content of 16 elements such as Na Ca Fe.

We have a solid technology foundation and a perfect ISO9001 quality control system which are used to tail and validate each flow process and our products. In order to ensure the reliability and stability of the analyzing results of our equipment, we not only adopt the ICP-MS spectrometer to inspect our products but also regularly send them abroad for GD-MS inspection, comparing with the analyzing results of the two equipments¡¯ results, we can know that the impurity content and the parameter value of our products are the same as the fellow traders, ever lower. Therefore, we believe and are pound that our products will certainly lay a favorable and solid foundation to your production and final product quality.

Presently the packing specification is 1500g¡À3g each bottle; glass test tube package is available by clients¡¯ request; all packages are in conformity with the Measurement Supervision State Administration for Quality and Technology Supervision on December 8,1995average permissible deviation ¡Ý0the glass tubes will be filled with inert gases and sealed and labeled with safety notice, vacuum packing bag outside, then these bottles are put in a special packing container where there is foam plastic for decreasing vibration, attaching the quality inspection sheet here.